Home learning bags

At Moulton Nursery School we believe in working together with families to support children's developent. To support progress at home we have developed home learning bags. We have a range of themes which parents can borrow to use at home. We are always adding and changing our bags to relate to children's interests and needs. Below are some of our popular ones.

Number bag.

Developing numeracy skills is an important part of child developent. In Nusrery we use number language continuosly throughout the day. We count our friends every morning to see how many we have in, we line up 'infront or behind' our friends, we find toys 'on top or under' the table. We add ' two more' bricks to our towers, or we 'take one away', we see who's the tallest in the group and who's the shortest. There are many ongoing ways of learning about number. This bag has a number of activities to support children in counting 1- 10 but also understanding number value and numeral recognition. It comes with instructions and all of the equipment needed to carry out the activities.

Story stone bag

Our love for stories has led us to develop a number of story stone bags with children's favourite stories. We love to encourage children to think about the story they have heard and for them to retell it to us. Using stones with pictures from the story offers children a prompt to do this. It also offers the opportunity for children to make up their own version add their own vocabluary and get creative! This bag allows you to share and take part in the story with your child.

Rhyming bag.

Rhyming teaches children how language works. It helps them to notice and work with the sounds within words. When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme or rhyming book they learn to anticipate the ryming word. This prepares them to make predictions when they read. It also helps them to hear sounds in words which goes on to help when they learn to use phonics at school.

This bag has a number of ryming activities to play along with an instruction card on how to use it.