What is Phonics Bug?

Phonics bug is a balanced approach to the teaching of reading using synthetic phonics. It simultaneously teaches the blending of words for reading and develops phonemic awareness skills. The programme is the product of seven years research in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, which produced remarkable gains in reading among those children who followed the programme.

The interactive edition of the programme unites the proven pedagogy of the original programme with the most engaging and motivating delivery methods.

Phonics bug

  • Brings phonics alive with a high level of interactivity, exciting animations and visuals.

  • Is engaging for children, offering fun games and activity for whole class and independent use.

At Moulton Nursery School phonics will be taught in a relaxed and fun way. Children will enjoy singing songs and rhymes as well as taking part in fun activities such as going on a letter hunt.

We have chosen to use the same programme as Moulton School to enable children to have a strong understanding of letters and their sounds before they enter into the classroom, giving them a strong starting point.