• Louise Hood

P.A.C.K - Pack Assorted Colours for Kids Programme.

P.A.C.K is a programme to encourage children to eat a rainbow of food everyday. So here at the after school club we are encouraging the children to try new foods and learn the benefits of eating a colourful array of foods in their diet.

Today's colour was purple and the children had great fun making these delicious snacks, filled with blue berries, grapes, granola ad blueberry yoghurt.

To follow our week and add colourful fruits and vegetables to your child's lunch box or evening meal here are the colours we are following.

Monday- Purple

Tuesday- White

Wednesday - Red

Thursday - Orange

Friday- Green

We have a list on the notice board at the club with some great ideas of fruit and veg for each colour, so have a look when you come in.

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