• Louise Hood

Our Winter Wonder Land!!

This year the children were still in school right up until 23rd December! So we thought to make their last week extra special we would turn the club into a winter wonderland!!

It took some great imagination a lot of cardboard boxes and paint, but the final result was beautiful. On our monday session as the children walked through the door their faces were fantastic!! The ooo's and wow's were heart warming. We had made exciting christmas themed games for them to play such as hook a candy cane, throw christmas bells into cups, hoopla on rudolph and a great snowman who needed snowballs to feed him.

We are looking forward to this last week of fun before we break up for christmas!!

The entrance to our Ice Grotto. Inside here we have an artic circle filled with fake snow and artic animals for some imaginitive play.

Our cozy corner, with Santa's chair, and a basket of christmas stories to enjoy around the fire.

Here is our homemade Sleigh, with space for the children to get in and load up with parcels ready to deliver on christmas eve.

Also we have our rudolph game with extra special glow hoops.

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