• Louise Hood

Hot Lunches now being served!!

Moulton Nursery School are delighted to have teamed up with Dolce to provide hot lunches. Dolce is a well established company who pride themseleves on producing high quality meals freshly cooked from raw ingredients.

Dolce's live kitchen offers wonderful benefits including pre ordering your child's meal a week at a time or on the day they attend whichever you find more convenient. Dolce's well designed menu means there is something for every child, with 4 main meals to choose from everyday and 4 yummy deserts there will always be something your child will enjoy! We are very pleased to say that a whole weeks worth of hot lunches comes at a very small cost of £10 thats £2.00 per meal!! We think this is outstanding value for money and we're sure you will too! Please contact us for more information.

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