GDPR - Privacy Notice Moulton Nursery School & after School Club


Written by: Louise Hood                                                                                 Date: 02/04/2018


Moulton Nursery School & After School Club record, process and keep personal information about you and your child in accordance with Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, May 2018): ‘the rights of the data subjects’.


It is a requirement of the settings registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)* to provide you with information about the details I keep about you and your child/ren.

*ICO -


This requirement applies to information collected in relation to:

  • Online data processing

  • Paper data processing


Records held about you and your child/ren

We hold 2 different types of records about you and your child:


Developmental records including:

  • Information from you

  • Details about your child’s learning and development at home

  • A copy of your child’s statutory 2 year progress check

  • Observations of your child’s learning

  • Assessments, individual planning and regular progress summaries.





Personal records including:

  • Personal details required by the statutory frameworks and / or the Local Authority for funding purposes

  • Contractual details including attendance registers and fees information.

  • Emergency details including your contact details and records of your child’s health and care needs.

  • Safeguarding and child protection records.

  • Any records required to support your child such as shared information from other agencies and professionals.

What information we need about you and your child/ren

Moulton Nursery School & After School Club hold information about you and your child/ren to allow us to comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage* (EYFS, 2017) and the Childcare Register** (2016). Some of the data we process relates to the Early Years Inspection handbook*** (2016). Most of the information we collect about you and your child is statutory; when information is optional we will let you know that you have a choice whether to share it with us or not.


What we do with your data and with whom it is shared

Moulton Nursery School & After School Club is required to ensure the information collected about you and your child/ren is treated confidentially and only shared when there is a need for it to be shared, ideally with your permission in advance of sharing, for example –

  • To share information with other settings or agencies involved in your child’s care – we are required to do this by the EYFS (see Permission Form);

  • We are required to share a copy of your child’s 2 year progress check with your health visitor – we arerequired to do this by the EYFS (see the EYFS for more information);

  • We are required to share information with our Local Authority for the purposes of the 2, 3 and 4 year old funding offer and any extra funding we might claim for your child (see the Local Authority Privacy Notice for more details).

  • We share information about income and expenses including, when requested, your invoices and payments with HMRC and Tax Credits.




Ensuring your data is accurate

Under the GDPR we are required to keep data about you and your child/ren up-to-date and to ensure it is accurate: we will do this regularly. You have the right to access personal data about you and your child/ren and we will share this information with you on request.


How long you data is kept

Moulton Nursery School & After School Club is required to inform you how long we retain information about you and your child/ren. You will find this information in our Retention Policy which we will share with you before your child/ren starts our care and further information about document retention will be clarified in the Contract Termination letter which we will give you when your child leaves the setting.


How I delete your data

Online deletion - files held in relation to child/ren and their families on the computer are deleted when no longer required using CCleaner from Piriform.

Paper deletion - files held in paper format, including photos of children, are either handed to parents when the child leaves or goes to school or shredded when no longer required.

Please see the Retention Policy for more information.


How you can make a complaint

We are required to inform you about how you can make a complaint relating to a data breach or if you think we are not processing your data appropriately.

Complaining to Ofsted - Ofsted can be contacted in the following ways: email –; phone – 0300 123 1231; address – Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD.

Please see our Complaints Policy for more information.

Complaining to ICO - if you are concerned about a data breach, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office -





Online data processing

Computer and laptop security includes regularly updated antivirus software and secure password protection (regularly changed).


Electronic equipment –  We have a laptop and kindles which are used for business purposes. Information is stored on the both and accessed through password protection.


Visiting our website - when you visit our website to, for example, to look up some information, Google Analytics collects internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns: we do not use this information.

Our website contains links to other websites: We cannot be held responsible for links that do not work or the accuracy of the information contained in the websites.


Email including e-newsletters and e-invoices – We use to process emails. I keep a copy of your email address on my computer to allow me to process emails quickly: I do not gather statistics or monitor any information. Our Software company Instant Nursery Manager holds your email address and days your child attends the setting in order to process your invoices, this information is not shared or used by anyone other than Moulton Nursery School & After School Club.


Class Dojo – We use Class Dojo to send photos of your child/ren to you. I keep a copy of your mobile phone number in my phonebook to allow me to send you this information.


Text messages – We use ID Mobile as our mobile phone provider to send and receive text messages. We keep a copy of your mobile phone number in our phonebook to allow us to send you texts and call you quickly in the case of an emergency.


Paper data processing

Paper documents relating to you and your child/ren are stored in a locked cupboard. Half termly attendance registers are stored in the office during the day and transferred to the locked cupboard of an evening.


Paper data includes:

  • Your child’s learning and development information

  • Attendance registers

  • Documents for HMRC including invoices

  • Parent – provider contracts

  • Permission form

  • Safeguarding forms relating to your child’s health and safety

  • Emergency contact details

Please see our Data Audit for full details.


Local Authority funding forms - parents who are eligible to claim 15 or 30 hours Government funded childcare are required to complete a Local Authority ‘Free Early Education Entitlement Parent Declaration’ form*. This form includes identifiers such as parent names and National Insurance numbers and the child’s personal details and characteristics such as ethnic group,

Changes to this privacy notice

The Privacy Notice is reviewed annually and as required.