At Moulton Nursery School & after School Club, snack time and lunch time is family time. It is an amazing opportunity to engage in conversations wih children and form strong relationships. During this important time a member of staff sits on a table with a small group of children, snacks are prepared by the children themselves this encourages physical capabilities, communication and language and relationship building. We feel this approach is why we have such a close relationship with all of the children at the setting. It's a valuable time and we treasure it.


Of course we have a lot of hungry children who have been using all of their energy playing and exploring, so providing a healthy snack to help recharge those batteries is also essential. We like to encourage children to make their own choices to develop their independence, so provide a variety of options on a tray for them to take and prepare themselves. We are more than happy to cater for children with dietry needs and allergies, just let us know when you book in.


Here are some pictures of our snacks







Food is served on platters ready for children to choose from and to assemble into their own snack.

Platters may consist of :

  • Cheese, crackers & grapes

  • Tortilla chips, veg sticks & salsa dip

  • Fajita wraps, spiralled vegetables, cheese & creamed cheese.

  • Pitta bread, humus & Veg sticks

  • Yoghurt, Granola and fresh fruit

  • Bread with a selection of fillings to make sandwiches.


During colder months we also offer:

  • Warm soup & bread rolls.

  • Baked beans on toast

  • Warm custard with chopped banana.

  • Hot chocolate and brioche.