Summer Holiday Club 2016


This summer children can join us for fun and exciting activities which will blow their minds!! Nick named the ‘Fun Club’ we always deliver on quality childcare.

What’s on:

Thursday 21st July - Village scavenger hunt; 2 teams competing around the village to uncover the clues and be the first to finish!!

Friday 22nd July - Junk model day; Not only are we creating some amazing models out of recycled materials we will also be creating some edible models too.


Monday 25th JulyBubble Footie; are a local company who engage the children in a variety of games using Zorbes. The children will play football tournaments as well as dodge ball all the while they are enclosed in a zorb!! Following on from this our afternoon will be spent making bubble snakes, bubble wands and huge human bubbles.


Tuesday 26th July - The Great Bake Off; The children will bake and decorate a variety of cakes and biscuits ready to bring home for you to enjoy. We will also be making our own chocolate bars to enjoy as well as this children will start to grow their own rock candy which will grow over time at home!


Wednesday 27th July - I’m a celebrity get me out of here ; with two jungle camps the children will go head to head to compete for jungle stars for their camp. Trials will include bush tucker grub, grabbing stars with only your mouth, what’s inside the box and many more!!


Thursday 28th July - Athletics coach; The children will spend the morning with an athletics coach enjoying a wide variety of games and challenge’s. The afternoon will be spent crafting and making Olympic themed art.


Friday 29th July - Harry Potter day; Walk into Hogwarts this Friday have the sorting hat place you in your house. Attend potions class and learn how to make the biggest foaming potion, Try tea leaf reading in our divination class, pot up you own magical plant in herbology and craft your won harry potter wand from wood. Finally we will be whipping up some delicious butter beer!!


Monday 1st August - Army survival day; Enjoy army style combat training, building your army camp and participating in challenging trials.


Tuesday 2nd August - T-shirt painting; Bring in your own T-shirt and transform it into something personal to you.


Wednesday 3rd AugustThe Cube; Take on the challenge of the cube. Children will have a variety of tricky challenges which take concentration and critical thinking. Working against the clock adds pressure, who will win?


Thursday 4th August - Dominos (TBC) ; Enjoy a pizza tutorial with Domino’s pizza. Learn how to make a good base, how to load it up and then enjoy eating it!!


Friday 5th August Creepy Crawly Roadshow ; After such a hit last year we had to finish with this amazing roadshow. The children will meet and learn about some amazing creatures including snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, Terrapin, African snails and many more. The afternoon will be spent decorating bug biscuits and making beautiful crafts.