Moulton Nursery School Uniforms

Moulton Nursery School has a uniform as we believe it gives children a sense of pride in themselves as well as their setting. We have chosen a uniform which offers comfort and quality.


We have teamed up with Local bussiness Bucanneers promotions, situated in the old fire station, 50 Chesterway, Northwich, cheshire, CW9 5JA. You can visit the shop or order online. We also have a small stock at the setting should you wish to purchase from us.


o place an order with Bucaneers Promotions please call 01606 212 817


Or click the link below to purchase through their online service.

We ask that children wear either our hoodie, a cardigan or sweatshirt, and underneath we ask children wear a purple polo shirt.

Children can wear a choice of black troussers, leggins or school skirt on their bottom half.

We ask that children always come prepared for the weather! It is vital children wear the correct clothing and footwear for both indoors and outdoors so that they are comfortable and can enjoy their day.