Unlocking Letters/Numbers

This is such a lovely activity which can be varied to suit each childs interests. We have a lot of superhero fans at the club which is why we have spiderman all locked up!

This activity encourages letter recognition and can then be used to build simple words.


Firstly print off your childs favourite character or animal or even a photograph of a relative.


Then if possible laminate to make it more sturdy.


Punch as many holes as needed for your task i.e 3 if spelling the word CAT.


Then thread the padlocks through the holes and using a sticker mark a letter on to the padlock.


Place the 3 keys with 3 letters in a basket making sure the key which unlocks the padlock marked with C is also marked with a C and ask your child to free the superhero.


You can use as many or as little letters as you think your child needs. This activity can also be used to help with number recognition, by replacing the letters with numbers.